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Keep the Look of Your Original Hem
Step 1 Illustration
Number 1
Fold your hem up so your jeans are at the desired length.
Step 2 Illustration
Number 2
Clutch the seam and tuck the cuff up and inside your pant leg, so just the original hem is showing.
Step 3 Illustration
Number 3
Apply Hem Gems to the front, back and either side of your pant leg, above the original hem.
How To Wear Demonstration
Other Ways to Wear Your Gems
Cuff your jeans
Keep your cuffed hem up.
Apply Hem Gems just above the bottom of your jeans. 
Tuck 'em under
A great way to hide an already frayed hem. Simply, tuck your
hem under and use Hem
Gems to keep the fold in place.