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Q: What are Hem Gems?

A. Hem Gems are decorative pins designed specifically for temporary hemming. Sold in sets of 8 Hem Gems allow women to wear their best jeans with flats or high heels.

Q: How do you remove the backing or clutch of each Hem Gem?

A. Hold down the base of the backing and pull on the round end at the top of the backing. The spring clutch should release easily.

Q: How do you use Hem Gems?

A. Hem Gems can be worn in a number of different ways to temporarily adjust the length of jeans. Cuff your jeans, show the original hem while still adjusting the the length of your jeans, or tuck your hems under and secure with Hem Gems. Learn all about how to wear Hem Gems in our How to Wear section.

Q: Will Hem Gems set off the metal detector at the Airport?

A. We've tested this ourselves. We've been through the metal detectors at numerous airports while wearing Hem Gems and have not had a problem. Many customers use Hem Gems when traveling as they help limit the number of pants needed for any given trip.

Q: What are Hem Gems made of?

Hem Gems are made of zinc alloy. The clutch (or back of each Hem Gem) is made of brass.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Hem Gems?

We were inspired by Oprah's "Search for the Next Big Idea", Spanx, and Jibbitz. You can find out about our story in the About Us section.

Q: Why did you create Hem Gems?

A. We wanted to wear our favorite jeans with high heels or with flats. Being 5'4" and 5'3" tall respectively, standard inseams were too long for us and we often needed to hem our jeans. When it came to our favorite jeans, we kept them long to wear with heels. However, we always ended up wanting to wear them with flats too. The result was frayed hems on our favorite jeans.

Q: Are Hem Gems available in other styles?

Currently, Hem Gems are available in the styles available here on the site. Check back regularly to see our new styles.

Q: Are Hem Gems patented?

Yes, Hem Gems are patented. US Patent number: 6865751.